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gained by the suppression of the monasteries. The revenues of the crown, which were about seven hundred thousand ducats, increased by those of the convents which were about nine hundred thousand, were more than doubled. This wealth, hitherto useless, served to fortify England and Ireland, build fortresses along the coasts, repair the harbors, and create an imposing fleet. The kingdom took a step in the career of power. By the r

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31 june

eformation of the convents the moral force of the nation gained still more than the material force. The abolition of the papacy restored to the people that nati

21 july

onal unity which Rome had taken away; and England, freed from subjection to a foreign power, could oppose her enemies with a sword of might and a front of iron. =NATIONA

03 August

L PROSPERITY.= Political economy, rural economy, all that concerns the collection and distribution of wealth, then took a start that nothing has been able to che